RS: Biotech Start-ups Lublin

Looking forward to the next road show in Lublin, where students and researchers from the biotech and related areas will meet academic entrepreneurs, founders of biotechnological companies and will find out about what it takes to be a researcher entrepreneur, how to identify potential markets and to raise capital for their ventures. (registration link available on:

Lublin Poster Final

The list of speakers includes:

dr Anna Belcarz – Medical Inventi 

dr Anna Czerwoniec – współzałożyciel VitaInSilica

dr Dariusz Smoleń – współzałożyciel Nanovelos 

Katarzyna Ślusarczyk –

Cezary Pasternak – Wschodnia Sieć Aniołów Biznesu

12.06 /16:30 / Skromna st. 8, Lublin (Aula B of the University of Life Sciences Lublin, Faculty for Food Science and Biotechnology)

The workshop is organized by the MOST Foundation / in collaboration with dr Adam Kuzdralinski from the University of Life Sciences in Lublin.