RS: 3D Printing Start-ups Kraków

RS: 3D Printing Start-ups Kraków

There’s a lot of talk about 3D printing in tech magazines nowadays, so we decided to check out the Polish 3D printing hub Materialination from Cracow to learn more about what are the technical aspects, costs and business opportunities which this technology bring about.

The road show in Cracow (14.03.) is a practical workshop for all the ones interested in 3D printing (btw, also for the ones who have never heard about it, and want to catch up) and product innovation. The workshop kicks off with an informative session where experts teach us the basics of 3D printing, and show us some success stories of new businesses using 3D printing. Afterwards, participants are invited to a competition of ideas: we give you a case (a real-life situation which lacks an optimal solution/tool) and organize teams which will be prototyping a product which fits this case. We are looking forward to your ideas here ;)

Then, the guys from Materialination will show you how to design your product in an open-source software used for 3D printing and finally print the product which gets best feedback from the audience – considered the best solution to the case. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Register here: || Language: POLISH

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