Fundacja MOST

ENTREPRENEURIA is a project of the MOST Foundation.

Mobile Open Society through Wireless Technology (MOST) is an NGO located in Warsaw, Poland. It has been initiating and supporting cooperation projects between research universities across Europe, in order to strengthen the collaborative culture in the area. Also, MOST has been a partner in several  R&D projects in the area of ICT.

The goals of MOST are:

  • fostering cooperation between knowledge centers, technology and content providers, as well as decision makers and the civic societies of Central and Eastern Europe,
  • boosting the development of civic societies,
  • bridging the gap between science and the marketplace,
  • enhancing the access to information throughout various communities.

MOST has substantial expertise related to:

  • research project management and consulting on public funding for research and development activities
  • investigating and evaluating measure socio-economic impact of technology on society
  • mobile technologies and potential business models based on them.

Find more information and contact persons on our website or on our Facebook page .


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