RS: Entrepreneuria@Bialystok

RS: Entrepreneuria@Bialystok

The road show of the project Entrepreneuria began in the East – on 8.11.2012, at AIP Bialystok … :)

This is who we met, what we found out and what one can expect from the entrepreneurship scene in Bialystok: Jan Kaczmarek from the MOST Foundation opened the meeting with a talk about the advances in technology research and how reality as we know it is itself a influenced by new technologies.

Marcin Lepicki, a local entrepreneur and a PhD student at the Politechnika Bialostocka at the Faculty of Computer Science have an insight into the life of an entrepreneur in Bialystok, his own experience with setting up a tech start-up and in which way the local institutions played a role during the process of finding co-founders, finding a location to develop his product and receive mentoring. Together with his colleague he now runs a mobile application development start-up and a software development company.

The next session aimed at delivering an overview of the most important local actors of the entrepreneurship scene in Bialystok, which also work closely with the higher education institutions locally. First, Lukasz Siemieniuk presented the role of AIP Bialystok which he has been leading for the last 6 years. AIP Bialystok has a long history of supporting students from Bialystok in the pre-incubation phase of their start-up and offers ongoing training opportunities to the companies which were formed at AIP – keep an eye on their website to find out the current events. Further, Maciej Sawicki presented a new important project, the Bialostocki Park Naukowo Technologicyny. He spoke about his participation in the Top 500 Innovators programme (whicvh you can read more about here) and the lessons learned about academic entrepreneurship from US universities like Stanford and Berkeley. He was followed by Pawel Stempniak, who is the founder of Eastcamp, a networking initiative for the innovators in Bialystok. He shared his experience about how to build a community of like-minded young people and the challenges of young entrepreneurs. Finally, Michal Powichrowski from told a story about changing mentalities: how to start a co-working space in Bialystok and contribute to the modernization of society by re-introducing the concept of “sharing”.

Dziekuję wszystkim!

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