RS: Biotech Start-ups Poznan

RS: Biotech Start-ups Poznan

What happens when biotechnology researchers become entrepreneurs? What kind of products do biotech start-ups offer? How does the academia support commercialization of R&D and what financing opportunities exist for this sector?

Biotech Start-ups Poznan is a meeting for students and researchers from biotech, where you will find out about exciting new biotechnological innovations and the people behind them. Discuss with researchers turned entrepreneurs about how they run R&D intensive start-ups. Speakers / you can download the presentations by clicking on the links:

Also, find out about various financing opportunities, from the perspective of EU funds and VC money. Speakers:

Meeting location and time : UAM Poznań, Biology Department, ul. Umultowska 89, SalaB ||  16:30  || Language: Polish

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[Update 29.01.2013] We have photos from the event here: