Entrepreneuria#4 with Teresa Brodniewicz, PhD.

Entrepreneuria#4 with Teresa Brodniewicz, PhD.

The first Entrepreneuria Salon meeting of 2013 will take place on 21.02.2013, in Galeria Propaganda (ul. Foksal 11/1, Warsaw) .

Our keynote speaker  this time will be  Ms. Teresa Brodniewicz, PhD., Founder and President of MTZ Clinical Research, a clinical research development company (CRO) running in Europe and North America. Ms. Teresa Brodniewicz will be speaking about the challenges she had to face as a scientist and business woman working in Canada for almost 20 years. She will  also compare her Canadian and Polish experience.

Her talk will be followed by an open discussion and an informal networking session.

The meeting will take place in Polish language. To book a place at the meeting, please register  here.

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