Entrepreneuria#2 with Marek Borzestowski

Entrepreneuria#2 with Marek Borzestowski

The second edition of Entrepreneuria Salon took place on 21.11.2012 in Galeria Propaganda (Foksal11/1) and gathered again a group of successful innovators who represent technology companies in Poland. The main speaker, Marek Borzestowski (co-founder of wp.pl and investor with Giza Polish Ventures  introduced a very controversial topic for discussion: what kind of new companies have the potential of modernizing the country? Why is IT such a hot topic and is it really necessary to put all national talent into chasing entrepreneurship models which exist in Silicon Valley?

Borzestowski suggests a different perspective on innovation, one driven by local needs and home-grown talent. As an investor, he says, he appreciates meeting entrepreneurs who address these needs precisely and want to develop solutions for the fundamental industries, like agriculture.  (… it is hard to argue with that .. )

The discussion on whether to start-up a business thinking local or global has advocates on both sides. On one hand – why  would mentors suppress business ideas which can have a global reach? Why not developing a technology and getting a phone-call from abroad one day with an acquisition offer? There is nothing wrong with that. At the same time, there is nothing wrong with developing original and reliable solutions for the needs of here and now.

The point is: investors don’t all look for the same “type” of start-ups. Just like there are entrepreneurs who wish to come up with the new Facebook and others who are satisfied with running a small innovative business that serves a smaller customer group, investors have their preferences, values, expectations and style of working.  There is no one best way to approach them.  You think you have your “perfect pitch”?


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