AW: Start-up Sprint Tourism Poznan

AW: Start-up Sprint Tourism Poznan

Good news, we are working on the first acceleration weekend of the Entrepreneuria project in Poznan: Start-up Sprint Tourism!

The acceleration weekend is a place where young programmers meet graphic designers and marketing people, and work together on their start-up ideas – mobile application and internet portals. Register of you have your own start-up idea, or if you just want to help out with someone else’s, but also if you just want to see what kind of people are the internet entrepreneurs  of tomorrow.

The theme is Tourism and Recreation, so we will also have handpicked mentors (keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates on this), who are knowledgeable about the tourism market, successful IT solutions from Poland and abroad and existing gaps in the tourism technology which are still to be covered … by you :)

We teamed up with LMS Invest to organize this weekend, and also you can count on their truly professional assessment of your start-up idea at the end of the weekend, in the pitching round.

register here (the caution of 50PLN will be refunded on Sunday to the participants) : || Language: Polish

See you in Poznan!

Mara / fundacja MOST